Insulation monitoring devices for insulated IT power supply systems

General measured data display, control via display and push-buttons on the unit

Complete assortment for monitoring the insulation status in hospitals, industry and special applications

More than 25 years of experience on the market

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Complete assortment of the ISOLGUARD system for Hospitals, including isolation transformers

50 kΩ insulation status monitoring including the fault location possibility

Inbuilt evaluation of isolation transformer’s load status

Supervisory panels, automatic transfer switches, alarm modules for UPS status monitoring

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Insulation monitoring devices to monitor the isolation resistance from 100Ω to 51MΩ

Standard monitoring of insulated IT power supply systems for up to 3 x 6 kV AC voltage

Separate supply voltage allows to monitor IT power supply systems, which are not under voltage

Insulation status signalization via data communication, current loop or relay

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Insulation monitoring devices for mining applications with extremely fast response

Reaction to the insulation status fault within 80mS

Two insulation status monitored levels

Designed to operate on disturbed power supply systems

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Insulation monitoring devices for means of transport

It is possible to monitor DC power supply systems

Evaluation of the asymmetric insulation status failure

Certification for operation on traction vehicles

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HAKEL also manages a special customized insulation status monitoring application

Solutions for drilling kits

Solutions for water crafts and floating dredger

Insulation status monitoring on 3 x 22kv AC system

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Monitoring and supervisory panels with degree of protection up to IP66

Input/output modules for data collection

Isolation transformers

Automatic transfer switches



Insulation monitoring device HIG24VDC, HIG48VDC and HIG110VDC for shipbuilding applications

The insulation monitoring devices ISOLGUARD HIG24VDC/48VDC/110VDC produced by HAKEL are designed for monitoring the insulation status of direct current IT power supply systems. The device continuously monitors the insulation state of the positive and negative output of an insulation power supply system against the base point. For stationary devices it is usually PE conductor. The potential free switching contact of the signalization relay FAULT will switch during the insulation resistance decrease of + or – output. A fault is also indicated by LEDs on the front panel.

The insulation monitoring device is equipped to display the numeric values of the measured insulation resistance. The measured resistance value of the positive and negative output of a controlled network is displayed on the device´s screen. There are buttons for setting the parameters of the insulation monitoring device and signalling LEDs to display the status of the controlled network and the device itself.

It is possible to connect the insulation monitoring device to the panel MDS-D equipped with a touchscreen by means of the RS485 busbar. The MDS-D panel displays the actual measured values and the actual insulation monitoring device setting.

HIG24VDC/48VDC/110VDC can communicate with the master computer through an industrial RS485 bus-bar with the protokol derived from the PROFIBUS protocol.

Only one insulation monitoring device can be connected to the same ungrounded IT power supply system.

Insulation monitoring device for photovoltaics application


Download datasheet HIG24VDC

Basic characteristics

  • The monitor for insulating statuses of DC networks with the voltage 24V DC, 48V DC, 110V DC
  • Displaying the measured values of the positive and negative output of a controlled network on the device´s screen
  • Signalling relay of the status of the insulating resistance with the switching contact
  • Signalling relay of the insulation monitoring device function with with the switching contact
  • Optional memory of the alarm called with the option to unblock with the button on the insulation monitoring device
  • Connection to the RS485 bus-bar, insulation strengthe 2500 V against internal circuits and network circuits
  • Option to set the critical values , hysteresis values and other parameters using the insulation monitoring device buttons
  • Access to setting the insulation monitoring device by button can be locked, the insulation monitoring device is unlocked by a combination of buttons
  • Module for assembly on the DIN 35 rail with the total width 2M (36mm).

Overview catalogue of insulation monitoring devices here

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